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Você poderá fazer  Download  de livros, textos, meditações, ensinamentos e musicas em  Espanhol e Português na Loja Online de Tara Dhatu Sul América -Dança Dakini Clique nas bandeiras no canto superior direito da página inicial  Dakini Dança para  escolher o idioma Espanhol ou Português.

Puedes bajar libros, textos, meditaciones, enseñanzas y canciones en español y portugués desde la Tienda de Tara Dhatu Sudamérica - Dancing Dakini Favor hacer clic en las banderas en el extremo superior derecho de la página de inicio de la tienda tanto para español como para portugués


    The Wisdom Within - A Guide to the Tara Wisdom Cards Tara Wisdom Cards Tara Meditation Cards
    The Wisdom Within - A Guide to the Tara Wisdom CardsTara Wisdom CardsTara Meditation Cards

    Companion to the Tara Wisdom Card Deck. Jessica Zebrine gives detailed explanations of each card, while Prema Dasara offers commentary on the 22 major arcana. Journey deep into the symbolism of the Tara Wisdom Cards, a 78-card deck based on the...

    The Tara Wisdom Cards are a unique deck of 78 cards based on Tara's many manifestations and other dharma principles, is now available for purchase through Tara Dhatu's online shop, Dance the Goddess . The deck was created by Jessica Zebrine,...

    This deck includes 22 cards. On the front of each meditation card is original artwork by Jessica Zebrine and depicts each manifestation of Tara. On the back are the words to each one's corresponding praise as translated by Prema Dasara. The cards...




    General Tara Dhatu Donation Educational Program Fee Tara Dhatu Membership
    General Tara Dhatu DonationEducational Program FeeTara Dhatu Membership

    All Donations are USA Tax Deductible. Fed Tax ID # 99-0321886 Your contributions support Tara Dhatu in facilitating projects and events that uplift and inspire many. Thank You For Your Generosity!! **We can only list some suggested ammounts here....

    Tara Dhatu Educational Program Annual Dues

    As a Tara Dhatu member you will receive priority to all events and gatherings as well as discounts to our annual international retreats in Hawaii and Brazil. Your membership in Tara Dhatu makes it possible to share the Mandala Dance of the...




    Garland Of Prayers Booklet Vasudhara: The Dance of Gold Tara DVD Calling Tara from the Heart MP3
    Garland Of Prayers BookletVasudhara: The Dance of Gold Tara DVDCalling Tara from the Heart MP3

    Dance the Goddess Dharma Emporium is happy to announce that A Garland of Prayers to Divine Mother Tara will be ready the week of December 13 2015. This is a collection of 54 of the prayers written by Lilliha Herington as part of the Full Moon...

    In this Instructional DVD "Vasudhara – The Dance of Gold Tara Prema Dasara goes through the details of the movements of the Dance of Gold Tara that she and Myri Dakini created. Each mudra, each rhythmic gesture is demonstrated. Based on a...

    Calling Tara From The Heart is a profoundly moving dance meditation based on a dzogchen sadhana practice of Dudjom Rinpoche. Prema assembled the meditation and shares it with much feeling. The musical arrangement is sung by Mercedes Bahleda (the...




    Humanitarian Projects Donation of Support 2017 Tara Dhatu Retreat on Kauai Camp Fees Medicine Buddha Meditation mp3
    Humanitarian Projects Donation of Support2017 Tara Dhatu Retreat on Kauai Camp FeesMedicine Buddha Meditation mp3

    All Donations are USA Tax Deductible. Fed Tax ID # 99-0321886 As an expression of Tara’s compassion, Tara Dhatu has endeavored to raise money for a number of varied humanitarian projects. Lilliha Nancy Herington and Anahata Iradah are the...

    This is the place to make your payment online for the Aug 12-20 2017 Tara Dhatu Tara Retreat on Kauai. If you are looking for more information on the retreat, visit www.taradhatu.org for full details. ~SPECIAL OFFER~ Full camp $595...

    In this 10 minute MP3 File Prema leads the listener through a guided Medicine Buddha meditation for healing and deep peace. This was recorded as a special offering to Tara Dhatu members renewing or joining for the new 2014/15 membership year.




    Medicine Buddha Song mp3 Muni, Muni: Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra MP3 Offering Goddesses Meditation MP3
    Medicine Buddha Song mp3Muni, Muni: Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra MP3Offering Goddesses Meditation MP3

    The practice of Medicine Buddha strikes at the heart of our pain, showing a way out of suffering. This four line Prayer of Praise came from a translation of a traditional text used by the nuns of Kopan when they constructed their Medicine Buddha...

    "Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Maha Muni Ye Svaha" This traditional Buddhist mantra represents the essential nature of Shakyamuni Buddha, the Awakened One.. The music supports a simple movement meditation created by Prema Dasara as a Refuge Ceremony....In this MP3, Prema leads a beautiful meditation of the 8 Offering Goddesses. The ritual practice of making offering to a divine being increases one’s “merit” a refined spiritual energy that brings blessings and insight. Prema...




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