Prayer to the Queen of Compassion Arya Tara

Prayer to the Queen of Compassion Arya Tara
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Prayer to the Queen of Compassion, Arya Tara

Calliing with Devotion from a Sincere Heart

By Anam Thubten

 Anam Thubten is a revered dharma teacher who has lived in the West for over 20 years.  Born in Tibet, he is the  recipient of profound lineage teachings. He is the founder and spiritual advisor of Dharmata Foundation, teaching widely in the U.S. and abroad. 

On an airplane one year he had a vision of Tara. His heart overflowing with deep feeling and inspiration he wrote this beautiful prayer to Her. He created the mantra tune. He says, “ with the first part of the mantra, we are calling out to Her from our heart, with the second part we imagine She is whispering in our ear. 

With Prema Dasara’s resonant reading and Anam’s devotion filled voice, this piece is a profound teaching and a sweet road into the depths of the heart’s love for the Great Mother Tara.

The proceeds from the sale of this track will used to support the organizations that support Anam Thubten and Prema Dasara's work.

(Please note: this is a large file so a strong and steady internet/network connection will be required to complete the download.  We have been told by many that they must download the audio track to a computer first and then transfer to the phone or other listening devices they want to use to play the track. We do not recommend you download directly to your phone as we have been told this does not work for most people.)

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