Song of the Spring Queen MP3 Download

Song of the Spring Queen MP3 Download
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Song of the Spring Queen

This delightful song and dance comes out of the Lama Choepa Sadhana Tsok offering. 

The offering of Tsok is a lavish Tibetan ceremony with many levels of meaning. A great number of food objects are assembled and offered to the Enlightened Ones in all their many forms. Of special interest in these offerings is the relationship within the practice with the dakinis. 

The Song of the Spring Queen celebrates the union of bliss and emptiness and encourages using the power of sexual desire to manifest this union.

Prema Dasara chanted the Lama Choepa Tsok text many years ago with Lama Sonam Tenzin and his translator Georgianna Cook. Recently, Georgianna sang the traditional Tibetan text for Prema to record. Prema used several translations to prepare the music so it could be sung in English. She and Myri Dakini created the movements to the dance. The recording was made in Brasilia, sponsored by Taradhatusulamerica. Ricardo from Brazil is the singer and guitar player, Ivana from Argentina is the female vocalist. There is one mistake … Verse 5 the last line should be “It  brings liberation from the bonds of samsara”.

Our intention is to correct this and some other distortions due to the accent of our Portuguese and Spanish singers. But for now, we have this delightful recording to practice the dance.