Dancing the Heavenly Abodes Booklet and CD

Dancing the Heavenly Abodes Booklet and CD
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CD and Booklet
Sheet Music and Movements, Meditations and Attunements
Anahata Iradah & Prema Dasara
In English and Portuguese

This suite of dances illustrates the Four Immeasurables, the Brahma Viharas, the Heavenly Abodes. These four cultivations are the cornerstone of Buddhist practice: Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (boundless joy) and Upekkha (equanimity).

Developing these heavenly abodes of consciousness leads a human being to elevated states of awareness where the nobility and preciousness of our human existence can flourish.

The music notation and dance movements described in the book are enhanced by the meditations and attunements. This booklet is an excellent guide to Buddhist orientation for Dance Leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace.

The music is expertly recorded and wonderfully inspirational. Lovingly created and assembled by Anahata Iradah and Prema Dasara with a great deal of help and support by the Brazilian Sangha.

In English and Portuguese

1- Om Ah Hung

2- Refuge & Bodhicitta

3- Muni Muni

4- Bodhicitta~The Heart of Enlightenement

5- Tashi Delek~Our Pledge of Friendship

6- Hla Gya Lo!

7- Metta~Loving Kindness

8- Om Buddha Maitreya Mem Soha

9- Karuna~The Jewel of Compassion

10- White Tara

11- Mudita~Sarva Mangalam

12- Upekkha~Equanimity Song

13- Equanimity

14- The Heavenly Abodes~Four Immeasurables

15- Your Vow Continues With You

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