21 Taras - Our Journey Through Life DVD

21 Taras - Our Journey Through Life DVD
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This DVD is a magnificent documentary manifesting three different points of interest:

·Teachings by Prema Dasara about the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara with an emphasis on each individual Tara and their correlation to the 21 aspects of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

· Extraordinary dance segments set to an original score by Anahata Iradah depicting women dancing the Praises of Tara from all over the world.
Selected from 90 different source media the elegance and devotion of the women is palpable.

· Interview segments of revered Lamas such as H.H. the Dalai Lama, H. E. Tai Situ Rinpoche & the V. Lama Lhundrup
include their insights into the meaning and value of the Tara Dance and other points of spiritual practice.

This DVD is a MUST for anyone who wishes to know more about Tara, sacred dance or spiritual practice.
Prema has lived and breathed Tara for many years and her wisdom radiates from the DVD.

Anahata’s music and editing add elements of magic.

This surely must be Tara Dhatu - Tara’s pure land!

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