General Tara Dhatu Donation

General Tara Dhatu Donation
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All Donations are USA Tax Deductible. Fed Tax ID # 99-0321886

Your contributions support Tara Dhatu in facilitating projects and events that uplift and inspire many.

Thank You For Your Generosity!!

**We can only list some suggested ammounts here. If you have another amount you would like to donate you can go directly to our paypal account through the Tara Dhatu website: or send a check or money order us directly: Tara Dhatu PO Box 63252 Phoenix, AZ 85082.

***Want to Set up a monthly giving plan to support Tara Dhatu effortlessly each month? Follow these 3 easy steps 1) click Here 2) select the "Donate" button, and 3) Select the box to "make this make this recurring monthly" next to the amount.  It is so easy and even small contributions add up quickly to help us turn Tara wheels!***