Exploring the Elements – Dakini Meditations - Air/Karma MP3

Exploring the Elements – Dakini Meditations -  Air/Karma MP3
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Exploring the Elements – Dakini Meditations -  Air Element - Karma Dakini

These meditations are based on a series of practices Prema Dasara introduces in retreats to awaken the awareness of the relationship of the elements of our world to the Five Wisdoms inherent in our awakened potential. Using dakini practices introduced in Ken McLeod’s “Wake Up to Your Life” one explores the reactivity that produces negative emotions,  and experiences the transformation of this energy into open awareness.

Track 7. Air Element Karma Dakini: The essence of the Karma family is All Accomplishing Wisdom. Penetrate the experience of Air –  examine your feelings of excessive activity, jealousy, disequilibrium  – and resolve this by opening into each moment with the Awareness of Right Action.

Other Available Tracks in this series:

Track 1. Nine Healing Breaths

Track 2. Meditation on Sensory Experience

Track 3. Space Element Buddha Dakini

Track 4. Water Element Vajra Dakini

Track 5. Earth Element Ratna Dakini

Track 6. Fire Element Padma Dakini

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